Monday, March 19, 2012

Handmade Home : Farm House Edition : Updates

we've been busy, busy on the homestead lately with this gorgeous spring weather! so time for an update! i'll give you the BAD NEWS first - our drywall hanging/finishing has (yet again) been put on hold due to a structural issue that we are having to address - basically water was getting into the house through a crack in the cistern that made up a portion of the bathroom wall... the GOOD NEWS is that Matt got to use a jack-hammer to fix the problem! see below for Uncle Peter (who has been a huge help) is operating the concrete saw while Matt chisels away at the concrete with the jack-hammer... his brain was mush after a full day of trying to hold on to that vibrating jack-hammer!

we got new windows in the back laundry/mudroom and had all the older windows capped so the painted wood would not be exposed to the elements and peel any further... the shutters had to be removed to do this and we likely will not put them back on, but i think the capping really makes the house look like new!

as far as farming goes, i've already planted ten containers of starter seeds for tomatoes, broccoli and two kinds of basil...all of my seeds have sprouted now, except for one container of tomatoes... the first thing that sprouted up was the broccoli (pictured below)... once these little guys get a bit bigger and once we're in the clear regarding frost, i will put them in the ground!

our doxie pom, Taloulah, has been helping out with gardening as much as possible...basically, just being outside with me for moral support... :)

she is starting to adjust to being out on the farm with us well and can't wait until she can sniff around and find or dig up things like this (picture below) everyday! YUCK!

this is her FIND OF THE WEEK! she could hardly contain her excitement over finding this deer jaw... yippee! :-/

here's Matt talking with Uncle Pete about what he's been doing in the orchard... Pete has been out a lot planting MORE TREES! he said he's got an order in for a few more peach trees too...i've lost count of how many trees are up there now, but we are definitely very thankful for all of Pete's contributions to the farm!

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