Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Handmade Home : Farm House Edition : planting an orchard

we had a full weekend of working on the house - putting in more insulation, cleaning & organizing the construction mess so that workers can better access what they need and crawling around on our bellies & backs in the crawl-space under the house in order to staple weather-barrier plastic beneath the floors...

we also planted three more trees in our new orchard space (a peach, a fig and a granny smith apple)...Matt spent all day on MLK Day planting with my Uncle Peter who brought us the trees from his stash...he started a few of them on his own and grafted others so that they will produce a variety of kinds of fruit... he has been a great resource of knowledge about the plants and how to take care of them... we are hoping to have two or three trees produce for us this year!
enjoy the pics!

big smiles for planting orchards

Matt tucks that little fig tree into the ground

that tall tree on the left is a pear that was already there but we've added other pears, peaches, apples and figs to the mix too

those stakes sticking out of the ground will help stabilize the trees as they grow...the fencing around them with help protect them from deer and other animals who might be tempted to nibble at them

gorgeous day for gardening

the trees are planted on a diagonal grid about 25 ft.-30ft. apart to give them enough room to get BIG!

can't wait until these babies start producing fruit for us!

digging holes is hard work!


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