Thursday, September 15, 2011

Handmade Home : Farm House Edition : A BIG MESS means BIG SUCCESS

it's been awhile, so wanted to give you an update on our farm house renovation...WARNING: not so glam photos posted below!! but i'm comforted in the fact that sometimes it has to get really messy before it gets clean and awesome-looking... MESS = SUCCESS & PROGRESS!... the below photos were taken July 31st...

our friend, Emil, came and helped Matt rip out the laundry room & bathroom floor because the back part of the floor was not level but drooping downward like it was sinking at a pretty drastic angle... luckily the whole house was not sinking, just the cement was poured and supports were placed and the floor was built up to be level...we're going to get the plumbing/electric/AC & heat vents installed before putting a floor on this section of the house... Matt & Emil are also planning to reframe this area so that insulation can be put in between the original wall (which had no insulation) and the new framed wall!

this is a picture taken in the livingroom with my faux fireplace in place... it's not attached to the wall yet but i just wanted to bring it in & set it up to see how much room we'd have on each side and to get a visual aid for room inspiration... i LOVE this mantel!... we got a killer deal on it at the Burlington Antique Show on our visit this summer after some haggling with the vendor...

view standing in the livingroom looking into the kitchen

view from the kitchen looking into the livingroom and out the front door... no walls anywhere! other news: we discovered VIA our plumber while investigating the crawl space, that all our copper electric & plumbing has been stolen from under the house! :( real cool, robbers!... oh well, at least we know it will all be brand new now and done correctly and up to modern codes...

you can follow our gradual progress on the renovation here: 1, 2


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