Monday, January 9, 2012

Handmade Home : Farm House Edition : Shopping!

time for an update on our farmhouse... i'll post more photos of the actual place's progress later but for now, i wanted to share one of the great places we've been shopping for the new house... the fun part is finally going to begin! DECORATING! so we checked out a place called Bluegrass Green, where they sell environmentally friendly building supplies...

i picked out some paint swatches (will share later) from a brand called Yolo that boasts ZERO V.O.C... also checked out some of the tile they carry that are made of recycled materials

Matt investigated wood-burning stoves, dual-flush toilets, and he priced insulation made out of old recycled jeans and denim clothing (COOL!) called Bonded Logic ... we found the staff here to be very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful so we will be back soon to make purchases since our electric inspection is scheduled for this week!!!!...once that's done, walls go up and we'll hit up Bluegrass Green again!


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