Friday, July 1, 2011

Handmade Home : Farm House Edition : On potential...

i thought i'd take the opportunity to introduce you to our little farm house project that i will periodically be giving you glimpses at during the blog's HANDMADE HOME feature...ta! da!... here it is! isn't it cute? the outside is in the best shape... if you take a step inside it's a little scary (see below photos taken May 6th) handy husband has been working hard and acting as general contractor in rallying forces to get the job done...i think it's going to turn out really well, you just have to have an eye for potential..i can not wait to have some "after" photos of this place to show you so be checking back for updates!...although it's easy to get overwhelmed by a huge project such as remodeling this house, i can't help but get very excited about the potential for it! have a great long 4th of July weekend...we'll be right here working away on this house in our extra time off :)

livingroom (yep, the renter, who lived here before we got a hold of it, left a bunch of furniture they didn't want anymore in here for US to remove...classy)

kitchen (right side)

kitchen (left side)

front bedroom (that's black dog hair clumps all over the carpet...yummy)


looking into the second bedroom from the kitchen (you can't see much but you're not missing much either)

laundry/mud room


Tonita said...

Just found your blog and this post. I will be watching it transform and I bet you will do amazing things with this adorable little house. I love the bones it has and see potential just like you do.

Tonita said...

Was hoping to see more of your home but not sure where to find updated posts.

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