Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Handmade Home : DIY : Newspaper Poof Balls...

as promised and as seen in our booth at the Buy Local Fair in May... i was inspired to make these by the store display at West Elm during my trip to Nashville ... i love the recycled-look and handmade-shabbiness of them... they spruce things up in a fun and easy way while putting something that might be discarded to use

scissors, floral wire, twine or clear fishing line & 7 sheets of newspaper

1. Cut the seven sheets of newspaper to a size that reflects the desired size of your poof balls.

2. Stack the newspaper sheets and accordion fold them into 1 inch folds until the entire length of the paper is folded into a fan.

3. Cinch the center of the folded newspaper. Fasten the piece of floral wire around the middle and twist until loosely secure.

4. Round both ends of the newspaper with scissors and discard clippings.

5. String a piece of the clear fishing line (or twine if you want a more rustic look) through the floral wire and then knot it. You will use this string to hang the poof so make sure it is long enough.

6. Fan the newspaper out and carefully (as not to rip the paper) begin pulling individual sheets out to make a full poof.

7. Hang the finished poof at desired height and enjoy! I hung my newspaper poofs in my craft booth but you could use them in a window or hang them from a chandelier over your dining table. Keep them up all the time or use for simple and fun party decor.


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