Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Posies & Plume show recap...

did you come out and see us at the Buy Local First Fair? if you did, thanks a bunch! and if you didn't, here's what you missed... all around, a FABULOUS day! made fabulous by friends, art, beer, food, coffee, farm-fresh products, great music and ample/clean port-a-potties :)

the show drew a great crowd, so we had many browsers and buyers at the Posies & Plume booth.... some of my favorite visitors were familiar faces of talented friends like Dawn Johnston,
Erin Ferguson (AKA Wren of Monkey Said Bear) and Emil Walton

P&P made connections with local galleries (Revelry) (Revelry) and fellow artists (Peace Mama) AND we were even featured yesterday on the 930 Art Gallery's blog! woot! also glad to see so many friends with booths too like: Mary Margaret from Fly Away Fox, Jessica from Yessica, Ashley from Red Poppy Jewelry, Mickie Winters, Michael Winters, Justin Vorel

we received dozens of compliments on our display for the booth (especially on our hanging newspaper poof balls which we hope to post a DIY on soon) so wanted to share some photos of it...ENJOY!

the main display (check out the big crack in my mirror-thanks wind, but at least the rain held off)

handmade felt gift tags or ornaments and wooden bark pencils (nope i did not whittle these from a tree, they're left over from our wedding favors... i have no idea how they make them... and they're a huge hit with the kiddos at every fair i case you were wondering)

check out our new line of prints on display!

bought these old long drawers from an estate sale the day before the show for a dollar each... can't beat that for a cheap, up-cycled, they work wonderfully, in that they make it possible for the flowers to stand up and show from the table instead of just sitting in the bottom of a bin so you have to dig around to see them

some new colors and designs for spring!

using discarded or broken jewelry bits and interesting buttons for the centers of the flowers really spruce them up!

here is some of our wedding designs and new earrings (which made their debut at this show)

lions and tigers and alligator clips! OH MY, how pretty!

lots of headbands & we still have a bunch left-over so be keeping an eye out on etsy shop for new listings of these cuties! as soon as i can get them photographed, i'll put them up!

those photos posted up on the chalkboard won us a sweet compliment from acclaimed photographer Dan Dry, who was passing through the fair


carol said...

I especially like the drawers for your display --- very creative!!!!

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