Thursday, December 30, 2010

getting it out of my system...

getting the last bit of Christmas out of my system...i mean, give me a break, it is a WHOLE year away now... some of my favorite decorations this year came from West Elm...very crafty & handmade looking... which reminds me of a story...

i luckily got to pop into a West Elm store during my trip to Nashville to see how their displays looked for the holidays... AMAZING...

took this trip to Nashville with best friend/Posies & Plume model/Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman fan, she is looking at some cute Christmas decor at a boutique in Nashville

oh and i left one part out... at one point we ran into Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman in the Greenhills Whole Foods... they went for the salad bar... we stalked's them...i swear... even though the photos are lousy... Lindsay took photo #1 while i pretended to peruse the prepackaged broccoli... i took photo #2 outside Whole Foods...i popped up in the window and shot it real quick while they were eating and while Lindsay was trying to look inconspicuous

i'm not even huge fans of theirs...but something Hollywood paparazzi just overtakes you when you brush shoulders with a few stars while they are walking out of West Elm and you're walking in... we definitely turned right around without even walking into the store and followed them into Whole Foods... the above photos of West Elm interiors was not taken until after we had stalked them... true confessions :)... and now the story has come full circle.... below is the spot where we spotted them... West Elm... TA-DA!


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