Friday, July 22, 2011

Handmade Home : DIY : Ribbon Wall Hanging...

i came up with this little project after being inspired by this film and ... it's a fun, colorful & cheap solution to wall it has a handmade, crafty-feel to it which always makes a home cozy to me...this is Posies & Plume's second DYI feature on Handmade Home...if you missed the first, check it out here... read on for how to make this Ribbon Wall-Hanging...

For this project you will need:
1) spools of ribbon with various textures, widths & colors
2) a dowel rod painted the color of your choice
3) scissors
4) sewing pins
5) glue or needle & thread (or sewing machine)
cut the ribbons at varying lengths
lay the ribbon out (beneath the dowel rod) in the desired order of colors/lengths...
make sure to leave an inch of ribbon above the dowel rod

fold the inch of ribbon sticking out the top side of the dowel rod over
secure with a sewing this point you can choose either to glue, hand-sew or machine sew each ribbon directly below the dowel rod to create a loop so that the ribbon can hang from the dowel rod...i hand-sewed them... if you choose to glue, i would leave the pin in place until the glue has dried
and voila! wasn't that easy for a cute wall-hanging? it would be great decor at a party or hang over the door of a kid's room so they can brush through the ribbons every time they enter their room... it will give the room a magical feel!


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