Thursday, April 28, 2011

sweets week: Derby Pie—yea I said it!

I'm happy to welcome a guest blogger for Sweets Week!!! Brooke Nunnelley, who is quite the authority on sweet treats since she's always coming up with new recipes for her bakery business called Just Call Me Cupcake shares a timely treat with us today... much thanks to her for this special batch of yummy and adorable cupcakes that she made for the P&P blog!

"May is just a couple days away and you know what that means—
The Kentucky Derby
! and all the classic treats that appear during this time of year.

One staple is a 50-year-old tradition, and registered trademark, of Kern’s Kitchen. A scrumptious pie that combines walnuts with a layer of chocolate called DERBY-PIE®. YUM! People all over the bluegrass like to partake in this sweet treat for the run for the roses.

One of my first cupcake recipes was a “Derby Pie-esque” cupcake that I made even more infield-appropriate by adding some good ole Kentucky bourbon and Heath®! Since I can’t call them Derby Pie—shhh—I call them Derby Day Darlings (and they are just that—darling).

Below are a few I made in honor of Sweets Week
and the beginning of May.
Our co-workers will be thanking EB!"


Katie R said...

Can matts co-workers thank you too? ;) Happy almost derby!

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