Thursday, April 14, 2011

just call me cupcake...

i rushed out the door to make it to work this morning and skipped breakfast which is bad because i get really grumpy when i don't have breakfast... so hopes for a happy & productive day at work were dashed UNTIL... ta da!... nourishment of the yummiest kind descended upon my humble office and saved the day!!! my friend Brooke (owner/maker of all the confectionary goodness that comes out of Just Call Me Cupcake's kitchen) was experimenting with new recipes last night!... and lucky me got to partake of this adorable mini cake creation in the photos above and below... forget the fact that we have access to the best quality photo equipment and two well-lit photo studios at our disposal... i set this little cake up in the window light with some white boards as a backdrop and propped up Brooke's business card with a white-out dispenser if that's not a CLASSY iphone photo shoot, i don't know what is... Just Call Me Cupcake is fulfilling orders all over Louisville these days so give them a call! 502-338-9257... i've tried a variety of delicious indulgences from their kitchen... since Just Call Me Cupcake came to my rescue today, i'm considering suggesting that the logo be modified to include a flowing cape behind the cupcake lady...what do you think?


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