Thursday, April 28, 2011

sweet week : makin' whoopie!

photo from Pickle Petunia

ya know that song that Ella Fitzgerald sings called "Makin' Whoopee"? well this post has nothing to do with a guy getting married, having a baby, cheating on his wife, applying for divorce and then deciding that it's cheaper to just keep his wife because he'll have to pay his wife or else be thrown into jail... it's a pretty good listen but this post is not about that at all...instead, this post is a prediction for the baking world...write this down... "whoopie pies are the HOT new dessert item"... pretty sure about it...i mean just look at that scrumptious photo above! :) now the question, will they be as HOT as cupcakes have been or will cake pops swoop in to claim the #1 Sweet Spot? ponder that over the weekend, folks... that's your homework should have a whoopie pie or cake pop while coming up with the answer... i know Starbucks is carrying them both now :)


erin said...

LOVE whoopie pies. especially the ones with m&m cookies. made some for a baby shower not too long ago and they were gone in 2 minutes flat. can't go wrong with cookies and icing. that's what i always say.

or if i don't i'm going to start always saying it.


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