Friday, September 9, 2011

Handmade Home : DIY : before & after chair revamp...

it's been awhile since i made a Handmade Home post but now i'm back with a BEFORE & AFTER! I found this old, beat-up dining chair at the Burlington Antique Show during my recent visit for FIVE DOLLARS! The chair was obviously the victim of a bad fabric choice as its upholstery. :( I removed the seat, primed and painted it a bright new color to match my existing chairs and reupholstered the seat in a fun, bright print fabric....this is how easy it all was:

1. remove the old fabric from the chair seat
2.cut a square piece of fabric, enough to cover and wrap around the bottom of the need about an inch of hang-over
3. pull the fabric taut and wrap around the bottom of the seat
4. use a staple gun to secure fabric to seat5. use a hammer to hit staples down that did not go all the way in the seat so that they're not sticking out
6. reattach seat to chair frame and VOILA! a five dollar fabulous chair!
if you ever want an easy refresh to seating, go with redoing dining chairs... upholstery is such a cinch on them and there's not much to paint either... a little work on these types of chairs can go a long way in making a big impact!


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