Thursday, January 27, 2011

resolutions : health related...

craving breakfast...
see more deliciousness here from the talented Ashley Meaders
photo by Our Labor of Love

1. eat more of what grows in the ground,
not what comes in a box, organic is a plus
2. be more active, more physical activity,
fidget even, keep moving or you'll rust
(hopefully if i keep these principles in mind i will get my desired results)

Here are some tools i'm planning on using
that you might find helpful too:
Pure Barre
(this is my new workout addiction), Livestrong (the MyPlate calorie counter is awesome!, Zumba (got these videos for Christmas-can't wait to put them to use since i love to dance), P90X (finished a round of this 2 summers ago and was the fittest i've ever been-time to bust it out again), Trail Race Series sponsored by The Trail Store...registration opens April 1st so start training


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