Friday, January 28, 2011

resolutions : passions related...

today's Friday and today is the second to last weekday in January, which means it's a good day for the last day to share a peak at all my resolutions for the year... i'd like to share some hopes i have in the realm of my passions, those being crafts/art/starting my own business and working there as my day job, not just my whenever-i-have-time job ... while most of the things listed below, take time that i just don't have to spend at this point, i'm optomistic that i can get these things done... i mean if you can't spend your precious time on this earth doing something you enjoy & doing something you feel contributes to a good purpose, you're not living at all might not get rich but you'll be happy & be contributing to something that matters...

1. try to make some of these (pill
owcases from Knock Knock Studio)

2. try to make some of these (rustic chalkboard from Kate Marie's Creations)

3. try to make some of these (earrings photo from Tease Made)
4. organize finances/marketing plans/goals of Posies & Plume
5. make a big change, take a big risk (could be scary at first but well-worth it in the end)


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