Thursday, January 27, 2011

resolutions : habits related

sorry gang about no post yesterday...i was out sick but no was not the flu or strep... just a sore throat, aches & a fever... i've no idea why i thought it might be the doesn't sound like it at all ;-) ... anyhow, today i'm back & fully medicated so here's a post for yesterday...just continuing with some goes...

1. continue to not shop at walmart and the like (even if they have better prices, it costs less for bad reasons) ...INSTEAD support local businesses/farmers more often (even if it costs more, it costs more for the right reasons)

2. don't buy things you don't need just because it's a GREAT DEAL or it's on SALE (this is a problem i have)
3. no buying anymore clothes (i bought enough last year that i never wore...they will work for this year too)...INSTEAD try to organize more "clothes swaps" with girlfriends so that everyone can get something NEW for FREE! (see some photos of a clothes swap i co-hosted a few years ago with this gal, Wren)
4. get more beauty sleep - believe this "Early to bed, early to rise. Makes a man healthy, wealthy & wise"
5. floss at least once a week (because everyday is just not going to happen)
6. give back to our church more through serving there
7. no TV (and by that I mean HULU), no problem... INSTEAD read more books that have gathered dust on the's my reading list for this year:


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