Wednesday, November 23, 2011

look what i made!

last night I made this crafted mistletoe out of paper, green wrapped wire, fabric and felt ribbon... it turned out pretty cute, didn't it? heck, i'd give somebody a kiss under it... :) ... i was asked by a co-worker, who's working on a stop-motion video project for our company, to make this crafted prop in order to give the video a more handmade-feel ... P.S. - if you need any handmade props EVER for anything, i'm your girl... it was really fun to mix up what i usually make in "craftland" with a totally different project... i'm very excited to see how this stop-motion project turns out since i'm a huge fan and aspiring creator of stop-motion films... you can bet i'll be taking a stroll down to the studio next week to watch some of the are some links to some of my favorite stop-motion short films that i've featured on this blog in the past : GULP, Kindle Commercial, Print is NOT Dead, Music Videos for A Fine Frenzy & Oren LaVie

enjoy the videos and then go baste your turkey for tomorrow! :)


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