Thursday, October 13, 2011

photography session : The Stivers Family

so did you know i took pictures? i didn't either...well, i've always kind of KNOWN since i DID start out college as a photojournalism major... so i guess it's always been in my blood BUT this past weekend i had my first PAID photoshoot!!!... i've had photoshoots before but usually they're just for fun, not commissioned... at work photoshoots, i don't even operate the camera... i just art direct while the photographer i'm working with clicks away ...this experience definitely gave me a deeper appreciation for portrait photographers...especially ones who work with large groups like wedding parties... catching a perfect shot with everyone's eyes open and mouths closed and in focus is a challenge- at least for this amateur... you can be sure i had to put my photoshop skills to some use, retouching smiling heads in place of blinking or frowning ones... i'm still going through all the photos and retouching editing is another thing all you professional photographers are getting my respect for... this shoot was commissioned by my best friend and Posies & Plume model, Lindsay for her mother-in-law... here are a few of my favorite pic picks from the Stivers Family photoshoot...they were lots of fun and hilarious!

thanks, Stivers Family!


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