Thursday, June 9, 2011

beachin' : Seaside's food

i love food so i couldn't let this beachin' week go by without a tribute post to some of the restaurants we visited while in Seaside... my favorite place was called the Great Southern Cafe... i had some of these beautiful fried green tomatoes and key lime pie (how southern of me).... this place had a perfectly southern cuisine and gave you a relaxed, sittin' on the front-porch kind of feeling complete with a tall glass of sweet tea
see how happy this food made us?

my second favorite place was
The Red Bar (can you tell from the pictures why they call it that?)'s a great place for live music, assorted libations and delicious the atmosphere is pretty interesting, consisting of assorted band & movie posters tacked up from floor to ceiling and a lounge of old couches, tacky lamps and pretty chandeliers

The Donut Hole is a local diner-style place that makes red velvet donuts fresh every morning... i had to try one ...also tried the special - a pimento cheese omelet - amazing!

Shorty's has a fun, layed-back atmosphere...there were dogs tied up at the entrance...that's how layed-back it is... pet-friendly and kid-friendly, i'd say is a total plus!

and if you can't find time to hit any of these places that i've mentioned... at least make a quick stop at the silver trailers stationed at the center of Seaside...this food is far from trailer trash... gourmet grilled cheese, shaved ice in every flavor imaginable, organic freshly squeezed juice...yum!


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