Tuesday, June 7, 2011

beachin' : Seaside's architecture

Seaside's sweet cottages come in all shapes and sizes and styles...below are a few that caught my eye on our trip...each one is a little different which makes for a town full character... i would've been thrilled to drive along the Gulf Coast and explore the architecture for an entire day but we didn't have time to do that... these are photos that i mostly captured through the window of our car...

a modern tower by the sea

natural light

cozy cottage

west coast modern

southern comfort

doll house charming

lofty sky blue

majestic villa

there are so many different and interesting ways to make a building look beachy - details like color, shutters, open porches, landscaping all contribute to the "feel" of these beach houses... what kind of character does your house have? would you call it "a lazy day cottage" or more of a "modern urban abode"? what kind of details make the outside of your house unique?


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