Tuesday, April 26, 2011

sweet week : giant cookies

how was your weekend? did you have a good Easter? we had a lovely visit in Columbus, OH with family and then headed back on Sunday for more lovely visits with more family... whenever there's family, it seems they're always paired with food... delicious, comforting food that is not usually good for you but none the less enjoyable... because this weekend was so decadent, i've decided to cut sweets out entirely until our Florida/me wearing a bikini trip... this is a challenge for me because i usually have a treat everyday to boost morale and golly, they just taste so darn good!... so instead of consuming sugar for myself, i've decided to declare this SWEET WEEK on the blog and write about it instead so i can still get my fill...after coming up with this brilliant topic for posts this week and even as i write this post, i'm realizing it will not satisfy or put off my cravings but instead torture me and test my will-power... oh well, all you folks who can eat sweets, have one for me... and enjoy these beautiful cookie photos below... they're from an amazing restaurant in Columbus called North Star Cafe in Short North ... that peanut butter one was my favorite and yes, i tried all of them... North Star Cafe is a modern-looking neat little place with EXCELLENT food... they are dedicated to using organic, artisan and locally grown ingredients... check out their site for more info and get yourself to one soon to try these delicious cookies!


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