Wednesday, September 15, 2010

dinner last night...

since becoming a wifey...i've vowed not to raise my family on McDonald's & Chinese take-out! on the other-hand, i aspire to be an excellent cook & nourish my family with healthy, wholesome, organic goodness for every meal... but my past experience is pretty lacking since as a single gal, i mostly ate's hard to cook for just one... for reals!!!
but don't worry, what i do have going for me, is that i have a nack for putting things together...
room arrangements, decor, crafty things, colors...
a nicely put-together salad can't be that far off from a nicely put-together outfit... right?
so hopeful on that principle, i've begun to cook healthily for my hubby and why not try my hand at some food styling while i'm at it? if i put all that cooking-work into it, might as well document it with a photo so here are some pretty pics i took of of dinner the other day...
i think i might start having an entry each week on what we're cooking at the Smith household...
at least until i'm ready for an order of McDonald's fries again... :)

-a double-decker black bean veggie burger
dressed with feta cheese crumbles, farmer's market tomato,
field greens, stone-ground spicy mustard, onion & cucumber
on a whole wheat wrap stamped out flower
-side of honey mustard for dipping
-steamed broccoli & asparagus with feta cheese crumbles


joanna said... never cooked for your roommates like that... :)

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