Friday, November 30, 2012

wish list...

well, hey there...long time, no post... thought i'd take a minute to share my birthday/Christmas wish-list with you...certain "Santa's helpers" have already been asking for it... hope i've been good this year :)


New Some Nights Album by FUN.


gray harringbone shoes from Tom's


Vinyasa Scarf from Lululemon

they used to have a gray one but i don't see it anymore so this cute one will do.... i love the versatility that the snaps give this scarf!


Light Blue Fragrance BY DOLCE & GABANNA

Hot Yoga Classes - preferably from Betsy's Hot Yoga (photo from Betsy's Hot Yoga)


i think i might be able to make these paper mache white deer (from West Elm) to hang on my wall so if you've run out of items to buy me, go for it, but it's one of the last on my list since i think i could make a DIY out of the project


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