Tuesday, March 13, 2012

can't wait...

i've been slammed busy at work and at life in general, hence the sparse posting lately... selling our condo (yes this was a shameless plug link in the hopes that you want to buy it), gutting and remodeling our new house, multiple (expensive) health problems within the past 6 months, our busy jobs and keeping up & connecting with family and friends on a regular basis has pretty much left me with no relax/chill/vacay/for-goodness-sakes-read-one-measly-magazine time...with all this going on, i've been missing out on digesting beautiful images... so in an effort to lay my gaze upon beautiful things as opposed to work (bleck) i went out and bought three magazines and downloaded the March/April issue of Rue... i can't wait to flip through it!!! especially if the cover is any indication of what the inside holds!!!!


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