Thursday, December 29, 2011

the miracle of make-up...

as you can probably tell...i've just come out of holiday hibernation, hence my lacking number of blog posts over the last week ; -/ (sorry)... here's what i looked like when i finally rolled out of bed...
yikes! ahhhhh! pale zombie-like!

applied a little foundation (from AVEDA) and that smoothed things over

getting my color back with a little blush (from Ulta's brand)

this is when i start looking like a living human being again with the application of my favorite lip-liner (from Sephora's brand) and a quick smudge of the lips together to distribute the color

now time to wake those sleepy eyes up with some eyeliner (from Tarte)

i'm actually looking decent enough to look at myself in the mirror now with some brown eye shadow (from Ulta's brand)

a touch of volume-enhancing mascara (from Maybelline) and voila! the miracle of make-up has brought me back to life you can be expecting more posts on the blog from here on... :-)

since being in holiday hibernation, in addition to my make-up application, my workout regimen has also been badly neglected...sorry to say, i can not produce before-and-after photos so readily for the miracle of exercise... it's going to take more than the few minutes that a make-up application takes, to get rid of these extra pounds i've put on over the past week... but that's what new year's resolutions are for, right? :)


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