Tuesday, November 1, 2011

a new blog for you to follow!

wanted to introduce a new blog that i'm writing ... it's called TALOULAH, A Dog Blog... i hope to post about once a week so check back often to read about the adventures & opinions of my furry little friend... i was inspired to start one up for Taloulah by a blog i happened upon about a dog named Hamburger ... i really look forward to having a creative writing outlet & to taking on the challenge of capturing the particularities of my little dog's BIG personality in words...i've often wished she could talk, so i'm giving her a voice (whether it's what she's really thinking or not) with a little humor and snobbery thrown in... don't worry though, the Posies & Plume blog will still be going strong with Monday thru Friday posts... so please subscribe to BOTH! :)


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