Tuesday, October 18, 2011

spooky lighting...

doesn't it remind you of a full moon? it's beautiful from Filigree Creations

i love this chandelier & this chandelier from the 1920s
found at Route 11 Vintage

i am such a dweeb when it comes to lighting... i am so particular about the perfect light- shape, amount of light it puts out, function, the way it fits with a room, color... i'm so particular that when i'm shopping for a lamp, i often get discouraged with the selection and go home to a dark room yet again because i just won't buy it unless it is PERFECT for the space it is going in... my problem with lamps that i typically find while shopping, is that they all look the same-cookie cutter lamps-i like something different that nobody else has so i've been experimenting with making my own lighting solutions...photos to come soon, but for now just enjoy these...


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