Monday, October 10, 2011

do you have your costume ready?

had to share this incredible dog costume for a greyhound named see the artistry that went into the making of this amazing costume, visit this facebook photo album...this makes me smile so much imagining what my little dog Taloulah would do if we tried to put this on her :)...

in other news & what has me thinking about costumes today is the fact that i've been invited to the Olmsted Parks Conservancy's Halloween Ball called Boo La La!!!'s quite a swanky event... here's a pic from when i went several years ago with my friend and Posies & Plume model, Jared... that year i designed the event invitation/program/etc. with a 1920's Paris theme...i'm really looking forward to it since it was so much fun last time... this year the event is being held at the Seelbach Hotel and the theme will center around the Blue Lady Ghost that is rumored to haunt the halls! ooooo!!! spooky!!!
still have no idea what Matt & i should be though...any ideas? i've been drawing inspiration from some past photos... could i reuse any of these?
Frank Sinatra & Ava Gardner?
maybe a masquerade thing? help!?!?!


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