Friday, September 30, 2011

happy friday : st. james art fair...

it's going to be a good weekend...i can just feel it!...karaoke tonight, working on our house tomorrow and maybe heading over to St. James Court Art Fair on Sunday... if you are at all familiar with this annual, juried Louisville art fair, you know it's kind of a big deal, with over 750 artists from all over North America participating... seriously, like 3/4s of the people at my work are not here today and it's because they're probably beating the weekend rush and hitting St. James Court if you're interested in seeing all kinds of art from the beautiful to the bizarre, check it out! the show runs today through Sunday and if you can't make it this year, take a look at some of my pictures below from last year...

this amazing button collection is a display element from one of my favorite booths that is at the fair every year... the artist, out of New Orleans, makes jewelry out of vintage buttons

breakfast with family & friends at Wild Eggs before heading over the the show!

me & my sister, Emily

these puppets would be a perfect example of "the bizarre" that one might encounter at St. James... these terrify me :-/

Matt & me

this is another booth that i love to visit every year

lovin' St. James

this is another booth that i think may qualify as bizarre, even though these instruments are beautiful to look at, the sound is not quite for me... i'm not sure what the instruments are called but i'd really like a pair of those leg warmers the musician is wearing! :)


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