Wednesday, August 10, 2011

back to school...

my husband is a teacher and this week was the first week of school for him... being married to a teacher has its benefits (like he's good with kids & we get great teacher appreciation presents/giftcards) but usually it just makes me jealous because of the amount of free time he gets in his line of work...i.e.- summer break, spring break, Christmas break, snow days and the list continues...although i'm not a teacher & my school days (i can pretty confidently say) are over, i can't help but get a little excited when i start seeing all the crisp, colorful folders filling the shelves at Target & other office supply stores... back to school is a new beginning with new teachers, classmates, grades, subjects... a clean slate with so much to do and learn... so much anticipation accompanies this time of year... so as i reflect on my memories of the back to school time of year, wanted to share these fun facts with you:

my favorite class was ART (watercolor by Francesca Lancisi)

my least favorite class was Geography but ironically i always thought globes (this one from What's new on the mantel) were cool, not maps though...weird huh?

i wore uniforms in school so any accessory item to spruce up the mundane khaki/navy combo was a must-have...if they'd had these feather hair extensions (from Lady Bird) when i was in school i would have worn them a lot!

the best part about back to school time is all the cool new school supplies you go shopping for...never used anything like these clipboards (from Bluedogz Design) in my school days but wouldn't mind having something like it now...grown up girls need school supplies too... fancy ones :)

i played field hockey all four years of high school... it was the cute skirts that had me, not the big sticks... i like this decal from Art Car Sayings...probably would have put it on my mom's red Pathfinder, that i always drove the carpool to school in

What are some of your memories of school days?


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