Wednesday, July 27, 2011

dinner last night : fresh iced tea

as you probably have noticed, it is so freakin' hot everywhere these days and we haven't even hit august yet...this extreme heat has got me sucking down tall glasses of water, lemonade and iced tea...i've been drinking so much of it lately that i'm almost getting tired of the same old for dinner last night i threw together some things i had laying around the house to spruce up the typical iced tea & boost its refreshing power... see below for the recipe
Ingredients: 3 cups purified water, 3 Lipton teabags, 4 tablespoons sugar (i used bourbon sugar but you can use whatever you want), 3 large basil leaves chopped, Ice, Juice squeezed from one lemon, Lemon wedge & basil leaf sprig for garnish

Directions: Brew the 3 tea bags in the 3 cups of purified water. Remove the teabags from the tea and stir in the sugar to melt. Pour sweet tea into the tea shaker along with the juice from one lemon, 3 chopped basil leaves, ice and then SHAKE! I suggest using a tea shaker (mine is from Starbucks) or you could sub a mixed drink shaker or just transfer liquid contents from glass to glass to mix & aerate the tea. Shaking tea seems to release flavors that otherwise would not have come out and aerating the tea gives it a much brighter taste & seems to cut any bitterness it might have. Serve in a canning, Mason or Ball Jar over more ice (since the ice in the shaker may have melted by now) and garnish with a basil leaf sprig and lemon wedge. It's oh so refreshing and will yield a glass for you & a friend.


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