Friday, June 24, 2011

flick friday : i'm an art director...

if you want a good laugh this friday watch this flick created in Xtra Normal movie maker... this little video is hilarious to me because i am an art director and because of the truth in it - sometimes it's really hard to explain what we do everyday at work to people who are not familiar with our personal career arena...sometimes it's just a different animal that folks, who are not exposed to it, find hard to understand...

some job titles are easy to understand because we have a familiarity with the setting - like a "teacher" - everyone who has been in a classroom environment has a frame of reference for a "teaching career" ... other job titles are pretty self-explanatory... like a yoga instructor is obviously someone who instructs people in yoga exercise... but some job titles can be so what does a "Media Distribution Officer" or a "Customer Experience Enhancement Consultant" really do? (titles found here)

What about you? What's your job title? Do you find that people, who are not in your field of work, don't quite understand the scope of what you do when you talk about it (even in layman's terms)? Do you try to further explain until you know they get it? Or do you leave it at a head nod, a smile and a vague comment like "oh, that sounds like it would be fun to do"? ...that's what I do most of the time...and that's what they say most of the time... even though i know they have no idea what i do on a daily basis...just like today's flick :)

happy weekend!


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