Tuesday, May 3, 2011

misha lulu sites...

i posted recently about the incredible line of kids' clothing called Misha Lulu... in my research for the post, i was especially impressed with the charming designs of their websites which seem to mimic the particular line's design of the season they represent...see how cute and creative they are?

here's a few web-marketing/brand-positioning questions
i came up with
for you to ask yourself about your website:
1. What does your website say about your brand?
2. What is the feeling your website gives viewers when they see it?
3.What does your website convey about the personality of your brand?

4. Online content is always changing, so does your website reflect the updates and developments of your product or is the "look" of your site stuck in last season's skin?

all these are important questions that you should evaluate on a regular basis weather you have a complicated, multi-layered site or a simple esty shop...

true confessions: i have been neglecting my site's look and my etsy shop is empty... what does this say about my brand? i'm sooooo busy so please don't interpret its look to mean that "i don't care"... the good thing about it is that it's always there for you to work on but the bad thing is that you may have lost viewers because of the neglect... you may end up having to start from scratch to build up a following again... looks like i need to give some lovin' to my sites...
how about you?

spring 2011


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