Monday, April 4, 2011

dinner last night : frittata

it's been awhile since i posted about "dinner last night" and with my new found inspiration from this cookbook-that i really can whip up something healthy in just 15 minutes (because i really don't have any more time than that...busy, busy!), i've decided to start things up again! so here's a spinach and mushroom frittata recipe that i made... i LOVE quiche... but quiche recipes are the evil step-sister of the light, healthful frittata and usually include cheese, cream and a buttery pie crust... but this frittata recipe uses actual flavors instead of fat to season deliciousness into every bite without compromising enjoyment... some of the flavors you can find in this particular recipe are basil, garlic, pepper, mushrooms, onion... mouth-watering and eye-pleasing photos below!


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