Wednesday, March 30, 2011

today in recent news...

Aveda is making bigger bottles so there's less waste...yay! hug a tree!
BTW-LOVE this simple illustration for their promotion

RUE is out with their 4th issue and it's lovely and makes me want to have my own zine

i discovered Spoonflower i have not been living under a rock, i've just been busy at work... anyhow, i see a future full of fun with this site- buying lots of fashionable fabric AND designing my own custom fabric!

love this poster design from Terrain
to promote their upcoming Brooklyn Day event this Saturday is giving 25% of heart sales to aid relief in Japan

and then there's Heartsy, a Groupon type arrangement for handmade etsy-ish stuff

wow! busy week in my sphere of online news...
and golly, it's only Wednesday!
enjoy and take advantage of the KNOWLEDGE!


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