Monday, February 7, 2011

superbowl ads...

did you watch the Superbowl yesterday? as a non-follower of sports, i admit that i had no idea who was even playing until yesterday when i got to the party we were attending... sad, i know... and really (please don't be offended, all you football-lovers) i could've cared less who won...instead, as a gal in the advertising biz, i was more interested in all the highly creative ads that aired in between the game... it's the time of year when companies put their best foot forward, wracking their brains to come up with the most memorable commercial that generates a lingering buzz for their brand...paying in upwards of $2.5 million to buy the coveted air time, it's definitely worth some consideration... so here's my top picks that i saw when i wasn't taking trips to the snack table for bean dip & beer cheese... clearly car-related ads won me over this year:
1. Volkswagon - Speedy Beetle
i was impressed with the incredible quality of the CGI animation...even though the spot doesn't let us see and doesn't tell us much about the car itself, it sparks interest and creates anticipation for the new 21st Century Beetle due out this fall... it's a highly creative spot that really caught my eye amidst all the typical funny/people commercials...what can I say? i'm a sucker for cute animated bugs!

2. Carmax - Kid in a Candy Store
cleverly and creatively done considering what they're selling

3. Audi - Release the Hounds
for a one minute spot, it really gave me the feel of a whole
James Bond Kenny G is in it and that's funny!


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