Friday, February 18, 2011

flick friday : postcards from italy...

man oh man, am i excited to share this cute little short film with you this friday! ... i've happened upon it by way of my friend over at Monkey Said Bear (who, did i mention, is our newest blog sponsor!!!!!---> over there in the right column --->) the film-makers are Andrew + Carissa, a talented young couple who make movies & take pictures & craft and who are all-around uber creative in their personal lives and professional lives through their biz, For You Love Me and VsTheBrain! this little flick stars Tazaa & Husband so hope it starts your weekend off right with summery warm fuzzies! see you right back here on monday!


erin said...

Yes this video is lovely. And we're so hap-hap-happy to be a sponsor of your wonderfulness


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