Thursday, January 20, 2011

love Louisville...

my fabulous hometown has produced some great artists & innovators in its history... some recent "greats" who have received some coverage lately are these two fellas...

PETER TOWER of Magnolia Photo Booth Co.
If you live in Louisville, you know about Mag Booth. Seriously every event I've been to recently seems to have one of these unique portable photo booths. They're so fun and Mag Booth's store front on Market Street is one of my favorite stops when the trolley hop is going on since they put a booth out on the street and let the community take FREE photos. Mag Booth is up to some cool stuff lately too, namely driving around America and documenting life through photos from the photo booth. Read this etsy article on the company here and hear all about the plans for their "Portrait of America through the Eyes of a Photo Booth" project in this video here. Below are some photos taken from the office & shop from the etsy article.

DAVE MOISAN, musician
He's just come out with his first solo album, Ungravity. It's been getting a lot of play on WFPK & every time it comes on the radio I get so excited because... 1) the rhythms in the music make me want to dance and i LOVE to dance...2) it's AMAZING music...great content, great quality and ...3) he's a friend and i'm so proud of his success after his hard work... Don't waste another minute without a bit of DM in your ears... go to his myspace page and listen to the track clips right away! I guarantee you will not be able to sit still! Then go buy his CD or attend his CD release party on January 28th... details here on the facebook invitation... below photo taken from Dave's fanpage album
so get out there and support local... we have a lot of good quality things to be supportin'...yup!


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