Monday, December 20, 2010

homemade delicious gifts...

this year i'm making granola for everyone as gifts...sorry to spoil the surprise if you're a family member reading this but i figure there's nothing more perfect in the realm of "EATS" that could be both healthy & delicious and look as great in a re-purposed canning jar (from our wedding reception center-pieces)... i mean isn't everyone tired of getting candy & cookies as homemade food gifts?... by the time Christmas day rolls around, i'm pretty much done with sweets so that's why i'm making granola... i was inspired by these cute containers and great recipes from The Container Store ... i'm also making the packaging pretty cute with inspiration from the above photos found in a Martha Stewart slideshow ... i even made up this cute little rhyme... "Something salty. Somthing sweet. Made with love, for you to eat." ...if you must, i give you permission to use it... because it IS i'm pretty sure i've heard it before somewhere :)


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