Tuesday, November 9, 2010

less is more...

quite taken with the modern work of
FlatPak prefabricated homes lately...

scavenged these photos of wonderfully
modern & minimal houses
they've made from their flickr

...been thinking that less is more lately...seems like the more stuff i accumulate, the more i get bogged down by the weight of carrying it all around, keeping track of it, cleaning it, the more time i have to spend to organize it,
get it all out, look at it, tear it down, reorganize it, worry about it, search for something in the mess, find what i'm looking for, be happy with it, be overwhelmed by it, be dissatisfied with it, want something else... sift through it, pare it down, donate it to Goodwill because i don't like it anymore, spend more time looking at it and pricing it for a yard sale, something that i don't even like...and by the time i'm done dealing with the whole roller coaster of what is "my stuff", most of my energies have been drained & most of my time has been consumed with material possessions that i don't really even care about...so this post is a tribute to minimalism, to having just enough of what you need, to not wanting more than what you need & to those who can pull it off since they're not too attached to their possessions to let them control them...
welp that's your deep thought for the day so go think on it! been listening to A Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde on audio books today as i work...i always get so reflective whenever i read it...perhaps that's why i love it... so that's what's up with that :)


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