Tuesday, September 28, 2010

POSIES & PLUME 2010 Fall Collection...

The day is here!
It's time for the unveiling of Posies & Plume's new fall line!

With a nod to classic 1940s fashions, a dash of military strength & elegance, new fall colors, fabrics & style & incorporating vintage jewelry, it's the best we've come up with yet!
So without further ado, say hello to our Classic, Vintage & Military Collections!

introducing Posies for your home!
we are now making adorable garland!
pictured with Classic Orange Poof Hair Clip

Classic Mustard Posy Hair Clip

Classic Mustard Poof Headband

Classic Gray Posy Lapel Pin

Classic Plume Headband

Classic Plum & Burlap Posy Lapel Pin

Vintage Mustard Poof with Yellow Button Hair Clip

Vintage Pink Wheat Print & Burlap Lapel Pin

Vintage Green Polka Dot & Burlap Posy with Pearl Hair Clip

Vintage Mustard & Burlap Posy with Pearl Hair Clip

Vintage Mustard & Tweed Posy with Yellow Button Headband

Vintage Neutral Felt & Burlap Posy with Blue Button Lapel Pin

Vintage Pink Wheat Print Posy with Pearls Hair Clip


Military Tweed & Green Felt Posy with Pearl on Leather Headband

Military Tweed & Black Felt Posy Headband

Military Tweed & Green Felt Posy Lapel Pin

Military Mustard, Tweed & Green Felt Posy Headband

Military Tweed & Green Felt Posy Hair Clip with Vintage Center

Much thanks to our models this year! In addition to me (blah!), Lindsay Stivers & Alan Sweeny came along for the wild ride that IS modeling Posies & Plume. Also much thanks for the photos of Alan & me by Joanna Miller! And finally thanks to Alice Hamilton for the use of her beautiful back porch & home.


Kelvin said...

Awesome stuff liz

alice said...

Thanks for the mention, but honestly EB, your creative perspective and your handmade poises are just amazing! They'd look great no matter where you put your models and featured items. And, your models including you, get prettier and handsomer with each shoot. Love ya, and come back anytime!

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