Thursday, April 8, 2010

Today's LOCALS : that's all folks

well...this concludes our week's worth of posts tribute to
all people & places local...all this to say, come out and
BUY LOCAL FIRST at their arts/crafts fair on Sunday May 23rd...
POSIES & PLUME (a fabulous local business)
will be there to strut our stuff
which includes our new line of clothing &
great new colors & designs for spring & summer...
also mark your calendars for a local arts/crafts fair at
Commonwealth Bank on Bardstown Rd... they're staying
open late (4pm-7pm) to feature some great
artists & craftsmen & food makers!
i leave you with some great finds on etsy by sml bags & edera jewelry
enjoy & see you at our shows!


Edera Jewelry said...

Hi Elizabeth,
I just discovered your lovely blog today--thank you so much for featuring my Lucienne Earrings! That was very sweet of you :)

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